The Great Flatsby Murder Mystery Themed Dinner

Friday, September 16, 2022
The Cumberland
27 East Overcliff Drive, Bournemouth BH1 3AF
Themed Event

Friday 16th September

The Great Flatsby – Great Gatsby Murder Mystery Themed Dinner - Followed by After Party Disco

We encourage everyone to dress up for this event in the Great Gatsby Era! 

The year is 1925 and a period that will become known as The Roaring 20s has just begun. This would all end with the Wall Street Crash of 1929, but for now society is in the grip of a celebratory mood.Join us for the party.  Trey Flatsby is an enigmatic and highly successful American businessman who has purchased an estate in England. He is a complex character, at one moment holding parties for the rich and powerful; and at the next he will disappear, a man of unadvertised comings and goings often to be found where trouble is brewing.  Who is Trey Flatsby, and how did he make his money? Why is someone from Pinkerton's Detective Agency investigating his business? What of Fitzwilliam Scott-Gerald, the wealthy oil baron and Trey's betrothed Prudence Bligh? Will Professor Heinz Beanz disrupt the oil industry with his Beanz Gas Generating Turbine? And, finally, who wants Flatsby dead?  Lots of questions need answering. Can you help us to solve this fiendish and highly entertaining murder?

3 Courses £49.50

OVERNIGHT PACKAGE £239.00 for a Double or Twin including 3 course Dinner with Breakfast

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